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Wall Putty & White Wash

House painting is not an easy task , its like beautify or giving your wall a new look so start with some denting painting of wall. Did you noticed some un even surface on your wall, No worries your wall need a coat of wall primer and then apply wall putty ,it give smooth finish and allows all types of colours to be applicable over the walls.

Wall Painting

Painting is the passion of many people yes you all can do that but we advise things you keep in mind while painting your space. 1. Selection of colour,choose your wall colour and combination wisely 2. After colour selection, its important to select quality wall colours and brushes . 3. Now you are all set , start painting your wall but application of paint and how much coat you need to be painted on wall , you should be take care of this


Trends are changing,Now Painting your home wall is not enough. Through Wall Texture and different shapes pattern on a single wall in a room give your whole room a different look. You can get the wall texture, wall pattern in the form of wallpaper,tiles or paint. You can choose it according to your budget, duration , taste & preferences.


Human wants are unspecific, and everyone wants something different & unique for their space. we provide customise wall art , wall texture, wall pattern, graffiti, wall paintings or the combination of all. We have the offer for all type clients, that fix in every client budget and that wall art service which will cater all your need

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Our Pricing

Wall Painting

Rs. 5 per sq. ft


Wall painting starts from Rs. 5 per sq. ft and it increases as per the detailing and colours you want. Don't worry you will get the lowest price in the Industry with quality results

Wall Texture

Rs. 50 per sq. ft


Wall texture and pattern starts from Rs. 50 and it fluctuates as per the detailing and design you want .you will get customised wall texture, shapes, pattern and stencil art at the minimal cost

Wall Art / Graffiti

Rs. 100 per sq. ft


If you want something unique and modern for your space so get wall graffiti and customised wall design @ Rs.100 only

Message us your requirement get complete quotation and separately costing of every  wall design services